This effective aesthetic surgery combines under-eye bag treatment with a solution for loose, crepey skin. Dr. Kyle Cox employs a holistic approach to anti-aging treatments in Boulder, and this customized procedure will yield magnificent results, addressing the under-eye area as a whole with this two-in-one combination.

What Makes Up the Under-Eye Filter?

Lower Blepharoplasty

This surgical procedure removes excess skin and fat below the eyes while repositioning the tissues. By tightening the area and smoothing the contouring, the face is realigned in such a way that restores symmetry and balance. This treatment removes dark circles and under-eye bags while bringing back a rested and vibrant quality to the complexion.

Skin Rejuvenation

Comprehensive skin rejuvenation is accomplished by refreshing the epidermis (external layer) and dermis (internal layer). Skin texture is made smoother with a chemical or laser peel. Skin elasticity and suppleness are refreshed with rejuvenating radiofrequency energy.

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What Can I Expect from the Procedure?

The Under-Eye Filter requires local anesthesia in combination with other anesthesia options including oral, IV, and general. The procedure is accomplished with a hidden internal incision that allows access to the under-eye fat bulge for sculpting. Occasionally, an incision along the lower lash line or in the corner of the eye allows for skin and/or muscle tightening that restores the lower lid’s natural upward sweep and counteracts sagging. Excess eyelid skin, if present, is trimmed, then tightened, brightened, and refreshed with an under-eye chemical or laser peel. With the combined treatments, the face is restored to the youthful elegance that you’ve been missing.

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Is the Under-Eye Filter Treatment for Me?

If you are interested in bringing vibrancy back into your under-eye area while tightening your skin in Boulder, this magnificent treatment is just for you! The Under-Eye Filter is a long-term solution that addresses the following:

  • Dark under-eye circles 
  • Hollowness
  • Under-eye bags or fat pockets
  • Loose, crepe-y skin
  • Wrinkles, folds, and fine lines
  • Scars, blemishes, sun damage, age spots, warts, bumps, or uneven pigmentation

The ideal candidate is a non-smoker in generally good health who is free from any type of injury or infection near the eyes. With a combination of lower eyelid surgery and comprehensive skin rejuvenation, this treatment will restore a sprightly glow to your eyes and face. Don’t wait a day longer to feel delighted when you look in the mirror!

What Is the Recovery Process?

During the first two weeks, the body needs to rest and recover. The area will likely be sore, with bruising, inflammation, and redness that will be present for the first few weeks while the area heals. As the treated skin peels away, you will apply a nourishing ointment to aid in the healing of the emerging new, fresh skin. Ice and cold compresses will be your friends, as they will reduce swelling and bruising.

Avoid heavy exercise and keep your head elevated at night for optimal results. Since the new skin will be vulnerable, you must make sure to wear a high-SPF sunscreen and reduce sun exposure as much as possible. The skin will heal over the first couple of weeks. As your body continues to recover, you will begin to notice the full extent of your results in the months that follow.

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