Rebecca's Story

I'd never heard of blepharoplasty until my sister's doctor recommended one to her. As I researched for myself, I thought that this surgery might be right for me both functionally (difficulty seeing) and aesthetically (my upper eyelids were obscuring my eyes, giving me an angry/sleepy appearance).

I thought it was important to see doctors who were used to Asian cases, so I ended up consulting with doctors in the LA/OC area. I was happy with one doctor in Newport Beach, with one hesitation: she said she "had" to give me a noticeable lid crease, which I didn't want. It was very important to me to maintain the natural eye shape I was born with. Thankfully, my next visit was with a surgeon in LA, who instantly told me that I had ptosis and needed to see a oculofacial surgeon. What a blessing in disguise – – I googled local oculofacial surgeons and found Dr. Kyle Cox.

Immediately upon meeting, Dr. Cox and her staff, I felt wonderfully at ease. She spent over an hour with me in consultation, diagnosing and explaining what was going on along with a detailed and comforting explanation about the surgery itself. Contrary to what the doctor in LA told me, Dr. Cox confirmed that I do not have ptosis, but rather excess skin/tissue of the upper eyes, making me an excellent candidate for an upper bleph. She performed vision tests, which none of the other surgeons had done, which quantified my eroded vision. Her office submitted the test results to my insurance company, which  enabled insurance to cover my surgery (because my vision was obstructed so much by the excess skin).

The procedure itself was completely painless (except for the lidocaine injections, which were zingy but forgettable) and fast. I chose to take 3 mg of lorazepam for the procedure, which made it completely easy and forgettable, like a previous root canal. After a traumatic unplanned cesarean 3.5 years ago, making sure this procedure was forgettable was VERY important to me.

The procedure itself was about an hour in-and-out. The recovery was relatively easy – – ice for 15 minutes every hour that you are awake for two days, then various levels of rest for 7 to 10 days. I spent the first three nights at a hotel, so that my three year-old son wouldn't harm my healing process.

Honestly, the worst part of the healing process was the itching. Thankfully, I discovered antihistamine eyedrops, which helped tremendously! Once the stitches were out, on day seven, the itching disappeared.

I am 9 days out and completely delighted. I started going out in public on day four and, at this point, I don't think anyone can even notice that I've done anything. My vision is dramatically improved – – it took me a moment to adjust to the additional stimulus of increased vision, lol, but wow, the world is brighter and more vivid than I imagined! And, aesthetically, I could not be happier. Dr. Cox specifically made sure to make her incisions where my natural crease was and to follow the natural contours of my eyes.

Dr. Cox is truly an artisan! My eyes look exactly how I wanted them to: me but more awake. When I first saw my own irises in the mirror, post-op, I cried. The eyes really are the windows to the soul.   ❤️

I could not be happier with the surgery or Dr. Cox and her team, especially Brianna! - Rebecca Meagher

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I met Dr Kyle Cox through my coworker Paulina. Dr Cox made Paulina look like she is in her 30’s. Before Paulina’s eye surgery, Paulina looked like she was in her 50’s and she is 46! Dr Cox, is incredibly knowledgeable, Detailed oriented, A phenomenal listener, and her bedside manner is like none other! Her staff is also outstanding and caring! Dr. Cox has Exquisite And precise hands. She has an eye for beauty, and is incredibly knowledgeable in her field of expertise! Dr. Cox is also incredibly kind and caring! When you spend time with her, you get this warm and fuzzy feeling and very authentic! I had Asian eyelids surgery and I look at least 10 years younger! I highly recommend her service and you will be in good hands under Dr. Cox Care!!!!

Cindy Voll

I really can't say enough positive things about Dr. Cox and her practice. I had both a bilateral upper blepharoplasty and a ptosis repair on my left upper lid back in July of 2023. If I hadn't seen a specialist like Dr. Cox, I likely would not even had my ptosis diagnosed! Obviously, I think she has incredible knowledge and skills. She did such an amazing job with my procedures. So, calm, precise and attentive. I felt sure that her expert opinion was the right one. But even beyond that - Dr. Cox and her entire practice really goes above and beyond on all the soft parts of the treatment. Dr. Cox checked on me each day after. And I had regular appointments after that. I have recently had a different procedure (outside Dr. Cox's specialty), And while everything was fine and after care acceptable, I sure missed Dr. Cox's caring touch. I attended an Educate to Empower session first. And, if you are thinking about this and see one come up - you should go and meet her in person and see all the before/afters! I could not be more pleased with how mine turned out. Wish I could go to Dr. Cox for everything!!

Cinthia Schwab

I came to Dr. Cox’s office for a consultation about my droopy eyelids because every time I looked myself to a mirror, I felt so unhappy and older than I should. Sometimes people would ask if I was sad or unhappy just because of the expression in face due to my droopy eyelids. Once Dr. Cox explained to me about upper blepharoplasty and brow Pexy, I felt better. I was kind of scared but she showed me real pictures, she went to every detail and aswered all my questions. I was ready to go! The procedure lasted an hour and then I came home. I felt kind of burning sensation during the first hour but other than that, I felt no pain at all. Swollen was expecting so I did not worry about it. The recovery was fantastic!! After two weeks I was so happy! I was wondering why I didn’t do it before! Now, I can’t stop buying new make up which I couldn’t do before! The most important thing is she gave this natural look! I love it! Thank you Dr. Cox for being my perfect partner in this journey which brought happiness and changed my life forever!

Pauli Rave

I cannot say enough about the wonderfulness of Dr Kyle Cox. She helped me regain my peripheral vision which was slowly leaving me because of excess eyelid skin. I think she's simply amazing. She was so compassionate and understanding of my situation. She gave me all the information I needed and the confidence to move forward with the blepharoplasty. Her staff also is so caring and wonderful. I recommend this office and this practice to anyone who struggles like I did. Do not hesitate to put your trust in this doctor and this staff!! I am thankful to now consider them all as friends.

Carla Gifford

Dr. Cox is simply amazing!! I have done multiple services with her including, fillers, botox, CO2 laser resurfacing, Targeted plasma pen, PDO threading and micro needling. Prior to these treatments I had never had any aesthetic services or a proper skincare routine. She explained everything in great detail and I knew I was in skilled hands. My skin has never been healthier!! I live in Florida where she previously practiced and will be traveling to Colorado to continue treatments with her. She is a stunning person inside and out. I HIGHLY recommend her for your aesthetic and oculoplastic needs. You will not be disappointed.

Danielle Wright

My visit to Dr. Cox’s office for Botox could not have been more perfect. I was greeted warmly by the staff, and had essentially no wait time before being escorted to the relaxing treatment room. She took the time to listen to my treatment goals, and had such a gentle approach when administering the Botox. Her bedside manner, sense of humor, and overall aura put me completely at ease. I was extremely happy with my results and can’t wait to be a repeat patient! Her eye for aesthetics is unparalleled. I wish I could give more than five stars.

Andrew Jones

Dr. Cox and her staff are top notch. My upper peripheral vision had deteriorated so much that I finally decided something had to be done. The surgery really was a breeze and there was practically no pain. Just 1 week post-op my field of vision has been restored. These folks are kind, professional, and provide great care. Five enthusiastic stars!

Allyson Mc

Dr. Cox and her staff at [Oculofacial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics] clearly have a vision and went above and beyond to ensure it came to life during my visit. She took the time to discuss my different treatment options and advised me according to what I wanted. I left there looking like an enhanced version of myself with people asking me what I got done instead of giving me crazy looks. I also purchased Eminence and SkinCeutical products to incorporate into my skincare routine which has made such a difference already. This is somewhere that isn't going to push unnecessary procedures on you but instead make sure you are taken care of.

Meghan Schmitz

Dr. Cox is truly passionate about what she does. She listened to my concerns and gave an honest suggestion for treatment that wasn’t pushy or unnecessary. During the treatment she took her time and truly studied my face to ensure an amazing outcome. She also suggested product for my skin type and conditions. I am so happy with my skin texture and glow after starting the Skinceuticals products. Highly recommend!!

Jessica Reincke

I had upper and lower lid reduction and I am extremely happy with end results. Almost no scaring, and if there is, it's not noticeable, only a slight redness, which is fading everyday. The personal and professional care Dr Cox takes to make sure you are healing ok and you don't have any issues, is a touch one does not see in the medical field very often. No questions are too much and are personally answered and she makes you feel like family or a VIP! I highly recommend this doctor with utmost confidence and just know you are in very capable and professional hands.

Judy Laurie

Dr. Cox and her staff are absolutely amazing. From start to finish you are treated with kindness, they listen to all of your questions and provide details on every step taken for your procedure. On top of all that, Dr. Cox is a genius at her work! Best decision made! Highly recommend!!

Christine M.

After delaying my upper blepharoplasty for many years, I found the most incredible surgeon for the procedure! Dr. Cox, Mollie and Brianna were warm, professional, kind and caring from the moment I walked in the door. Dr. Cox clearly explained every step of the procedure which left me excited to schedule my appointment immediately. It was completely painless and I am more than delighted with the results! My care before, during and after the surgery has been outstanding. I will always recommend Dr. Cox as a brilliant surgeon! I also feel I have developed a friendship with three lovely professionals. Boulder is most fortunate to have Dr. Cox as a truly skilled Plastic Surgeon!

Lynne Scheriff

Dr. Cox, you are wonderful!! I had the Laser resurfacing to my face. I was comfortable and trusted everyone there. My results were amazing and I love the look of my skin now. Thank you so much.

Kathy Young RN

Entire staff was very friendly and professional. Dr. Cox was very honest and professional and the surgery she performed on my eyelid was done with great care, safe and professional. I really liked the procedure as it was done in 20 minutes but Dr. Cox made the atmosphere of the procedure very relaxing with a great choice of music to relax, enjoyable and soothing.

Nick Lave

I have always been very hesitant about any facial altering procedures (especially growing up during a time where people take plastic surgery to the extreme to look youthful) HOWEVER, after a consultation with Dr. Kyle Cox, I felt extremely comfortable and confident about my decision to get a little botox and fillers! She allowed me to express my concerns and after discussing all my options she laid out a treatment plan that I was extremely comfortable with. You can tell she treats each patient with care and really puts in the effort to make sure everyone has their very own customized care plan (not cookie cutter!!) Dr. Cox was also very patient with me making sure I was comfortable with my decision ensuring a very natural look (nothing overdone!) Her staff was extremely nice and welcoming, and her office was extremely clean! I highly recommend and will return again.

Erika Cox

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